A Night of Cinema and Charity: The British Film Festival Partners with ABCC

6 September 2023

The world of cinema has always been a magical escape, a place where stories come alive and emotions are felt deeply. It’s not just about the films but the experiences they create, the conversations they spark, and the communities they build. This year, the magic of cinema intertwines with a noble cause, as the Australian Breast Care Centre (ABCC) collaborates with the British Film Festival, hosted by Palace Cinemas.

As the founder of the not-for-profit charity, Australian Breast Care Centre, I am elated to announce our selection as the chosen charity partner for the Palace Cinema’s British Film Festival, for the second year running. This continued partnership is a testament to the shared vision and commitment both our organisations have towards making a positive impact in society.

This year’s festival promises to be an unforgettable experience. As part of the BRITAIN’S FINEST LEADING LADIES retrospective program, we are thrilled to host a VIP screening of the classic film “WOMEN IN LOVE”. But this isn’t just any screening. This special event is a celebration of art, resilience, and community. Every ticket, every seat, and every applause contributes to the initiatives of ABCC, ensuring that we continue our mission of breast care awareness, early detection, and support.

Palace Cinemas, renowned for its commitment to showcasing the best in cinema, offers a unique and indulgent movie-going experience. Their venues, ranging from heritage-listed art-deco wonders to modern metropolitan theatres, set the perfect backdrop for this special event. And while their curated wine lists and gourmet treats like the famous connoisseur choc-tops are a delight, this event’s true essence lies in the coming together of cinema lovers for a noble cause.

Join us for a night where the magic of cinema meets the spirit of charity. Let’s celebrate the power of film, the strength of community, and the mission of the Australian Breast Care Centre. Your support can make a difference, one frame at a time.

The 2023 British Film Festival launches at Palace Cinemas nationally on 1st November.