Breast Cysts Treatment Melbourne

How to recognise breast cysts and why they might occur.

What is a breast cyst?

A breast cyst is a sack of fluid that appears as a lump, and that is not usually cancerous. Breast cysts can affect women of all ages, but most commonly women aged 35-50. Cysts can be painful or have no feeling at all and are usually the size of a grape or small balloon. Usually the larger they are the more painful they are, and it is often recommended that they be surgically removed or drained in those cases. Other times cysts are small enough to not require treatment.

breast cyst cancer treatment

Middle-aged woman checking the lymph nodes under her arm for lumps during her routine check of her breast for signs of early cancer

Who do breast cysts affect most?

Breast cysts are common in women who are going through menopause or those who are taking hormonal therapy. They are considered normal and are not usually cause for concern.

Why do breast cysts form?

Breast cysts usually form because of fluctuation in the levels of oestrogen in the body. This can correlate with menopause, PCOS, or hormonal medications and sometimes occurs simply just with age.

How are breast cysts treated?

There is a range of Melbourne based Breast cysts treatments, but this is usually only necessary if a cyst is large, swollen and painful or uncomfortable. They are mostly benign, but not always, so it is very important to get them checked by a doctor even if you suspect that they are a cyst and not another type of lump. If treatment is required, there are many clinics including the Australian Breast Care Centre that offer breast cyst treatment in Melbourne.


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