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How breast surgeons perform nipple reconstructions

One of the factors involved in a breast reconstruction surgery is the reconstruction of the nipple. Unfortunately there are often instances where women will undergo reconstruction surgery and will have their nipples removed, which is not a recommended approach.

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Skilled breast reconstruction surgeons in Melbourne know that the best way to keep a nipple intact is to maintain the blood supply. This will avoid damage, allow for smoother reconstruction and avoid moving the placement of the nipple.

Of course, every surgery is different, but in order to understand who will be the best nipple reconstruction surgeon in Melbourne, it is important to understand what goes into these surgeries, including the risks, considerations and precautions.

Not all women choose to have full nipple reconstructions

Best nipple reconstruction surgeons Melbourne

The best nipple reconstruction surgeons will inform you that there is no pressure to have a full nipple construction after a mastectomy. Many women choose to have tattooing done after surgery, but don’t feel the need to do a full reconstruction. In this case they will opt for tattooing to recreate the texture and colour of a natural nipple. There is also the option of 3D tattooing, which can give the illusion of height and texture without the need for other types of reconstruction.

Nipple reconstruction using skin graft

Some people prefer having a physical reconstruction that involves taking skin from elsewhere to reconstruct into the shape of the areola. Breast reconstruction surgeons in Melbourne will be able to achieve this by removing skin from a patient’s inner thigh, buttocks or abdomen, which will then be applied to the breast mound to form the shape of a nipple.

Forming a nipple from a skin flap

Another form of rebuilding the nipple is done by shaping in flaps of skin around the area where the nipple is meant to be, which then forms together to create a nipple. This is a similar method to the skin grafting procedure only that the skin is not detached from the surrounding area.

Finding the best nipple reconstruction surgeon in Melbourne, will ensure that your cancer removal treatment and any preferred reconstructive surgeries will be carried out in the most professional hands possible. Find out more at