Celebrating International Women’s Day with Dr. Nicole Yap: Nurturing Breast Health Advocacy

27 February 2023

This time last year, I found myself in the spotlight at a charming winery in Main Ridge, passionately addressing a festival audience of women. The stage was set to discuss a topic close to my heart – breast health.

Fast forward to the upcoming week, and I am eagerly anticipating another remarkable opportunity. I am honored to be a speaker at an exclusive International Women’s Day luncheon event, thoughtfully hosted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and exclusively open to EO Melbourne Female Members.

The event promises an enriching experience as I join a gathering of high-achieving women to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. In this enlightening session, attendees will delve deeper into the realm of breast cancer – its detection, treatment, and the power of early intervention.

As an advocate for breast health, I take immense pride in the contribution of my charity, the Australian Breast Care Centre. Our commitment resonates through the donation of 20 genetic testing kits, each coupled with a private consultation facilitated by yours truly. The first 20 guests will be recipients of these complimentary genetic testing kits, generously sponsored by GeneType.

The statistics are telling: “Breast cancer affects 1 in 7 women and is the leading cause of cancer death in females.” These figures drive the core mission of the Australian Breast Care Centre (ABCC). Our objective is two-fold: elevate awareness to enable timely detection of breast symptoms and enhance accessibility to vital resources such as MRI and genetic testing. Moreover, we champion improved aesthetic outcomes in breast cancer surgery, recognizing the profound impact it has on positive mental health, particularly among women under 50.

A meaningful initiative led by the EO is the raffle slated for the event, a collective effort to raise funds for ABCC. For those who share our commitment to nurturing breast health advocacy, your contribution would be greatly valued. Should you wish to extend your support, please visit: Donation Link.

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