Cycling Towards Hope: Join Me at the Ballarat Cycle Classic!

3 February 2023

As I reflect on this time last year, when I was recovering from meniscal repair and an 85% ACL reconstruction, I’m reminded of the incredible journey that led me to the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute‘s (FECRI) largest fundraising event. And guess what? That time of year has circled back around – it’s time for the annual Ballarat Cycle Classic!

Just today, a small envelope arrived in my mailbox, containing my racing number. This simple piece of paper carries the promise of camaraderie, challenges, and the shared determination to make a difference.

Save the dates – 18th and 19th February – for a weekend that’s set to be unforgettable. Join us in Ballarat, where hundreds of individuals will unite for a common purpose: to raise funds for a cause that resonates deeply with us all.

The Ballarat Cycle Classic isn’t just about cycling; it’s a collective effort that includes rides and walks, all aimed at supporting FECRI’s groundbreaking cancer research. In the previous year, almost 1400 passionate participants took part in the event’s diverse program, spanning 14 events that covered various terrains – roads, gravel, and even mountains.

The outcome of this unity was extraordinary – a grand total of $230,000 raised for FECRI over the course of the weekend. Every dollar, every contribution, propelled the institute’s scientists and research projects forward.

As we gear up for this year’s event, the anticipation is electrifying. We’re determined to surpass the previous year’s achievements, inching closer to FECRI’s mission of advancing cancer research and treatment.

So, let’s embark on this journey together, fueled by the shared purpose of making a positive impact. Whether you’re cycling, walking, or simply cheering from the sidelines, your involvement matters. Join us in raising awareness and funds, all while enjoying a fulfilling weekend of community and compassion.

The finish line awaits, where stories of determination and hope intertwine. Together, we’re cycling towards a future where cancer’s hold is weakened, one pedal stroke at a time.