Diane Appolis

30 May 2022

I would like to make a tribute to an amazing person Diane Appolis, a patient who I have the privilege of knowing and being involved with in her fight against breast cancer.

Diane first came to me regarding a breast reduction to assist with her back and shoulder pain. As I ALWAYS take every opportunity to assess women’s breast health despite there being NO breast symptoms or signs, I insisted she undergo a mammogram and breast ultrasound prior to surgery. That’s when I found her cancer.

The cancer was aggressive in nature and she required chemotherapy following surgery.

After her recovery she was determined to help me get the message across to others to get themselves checked regularly to assist with EARLY diagnosis, as she knew that early diagnosis saves lives.

This lead to her participating in one of the film series produced by the not-for-profit Australian Breast Care Centre. She used her experience to help get this message across.

I am so saddened to hear that she lost the fight when the cancer returned 4 years later to her abdomen. A delightful, warm hearted, generous person and a brave soldier for this cause.

Myself, Debbie (breast care nurse) and all those who were involved in your care, will miss you and your joy de vie.

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Breast Cancer Support Cancer Council Victoria Cancer Council Australia Breast Cancer Network Australia

This photo of Diane was taken during a film shoot for my not for profit charity foundation Australian Breast Care Centre, where Diane donated her time to be interviewed to help raise awareness for breast cancer prevention.