Dream Big with Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute

3 September 2023

It was during a bike riding tour that Dr. Nicole stumbled upon a regional research centre for cancer. To her surprise, it was dedicated to an area close to her heart: breast cancer. As she delved deeper, she had an enlightening conversation with Professor George Kannourakis, unveiling the myriad activities and researches underway.

But why is research so paramount? According to Dr. Nicole, it’s not just important – it’s essential. The medical treatments and modalities we take for granted today owe their existence to painstaking research. The Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute stands testament to this. They recently published a paper delving into the impact of immunology on triple negative breast cancer. This work is pivotal, as it focuses on finding targeted treatments that bypass the complications of chemotherapy.

Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate, and Dr. Nicole emphasises the urgency to assist younger age groups. With 23% of all breast cancers affecting those under the age of 50, collective efforts are needed to make strides in this direction. She passionately believes that when you work in collaboration, finding a solution becomes inevitable. This very belief is echoed by the work and ethos of the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute.

However, the story behind this institute is as touching as its contributions to cancer research. The institute owes its origins to Fiona Elsey, a young cancer patient. Fiona’s dream and determination sowed the seeds for this world-renowned research facility located in Ballarat. Her legacy is a testament to the power of hope, community, and dedication.

Dr. Nicole’s recent attendance and endorsement at the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute’s 2023 Cancer Research Dream Ball only solidifies her commitment and belief in the power of collaborative research. She, like many others, is driven by a shared vision: a world where solutions to the complexities of cancer are within reach, all thanks to research.