Episode 5 Trailer – Men Have Breast Issues Too with patient John Wejesooriya

8 December 2021

Episode 5 features Dr Nicole Yap and past patient John Wejesooriya, hosted by Wendy Squires.

Approximately 1% of people impacted by breast cancer are men. It is important to be aware that women are not the only people who can get the disease. 

John bravely speaks about his breast issues and his experience as a patient of Dr Yap.

The full episode is now available to view via the Australian Breast Care Centre website. Click here to watch!

Episode Credits



Dr Nicole Yap


Wendy Squires

Guest Patients

Diane Appolis

Ayda Hornack

Yullia Beteramia

Joanne Barton

Lucy Spano

Carolyne O’Halloran

Rebecca Walker

John Wejesooriya

Deborah Scott – Breast Care Nurse


Eli Mak

Executive Producers

Belinda Visser

Dan Gallagher

Director of Photography

Sam Bennett

First AC

Oliver Gross

Second Recordist

Jake McCulloch


Mark Blanch

Hair and Makeup

 Bernadette Fisers

Kim Tavares


Geri Leijon of Wesson Boutique


Will Morton


Eli Mak

Michael De Florio