Flap Reconstruction

Things to consider before getting a flap reconstruction surgery in Melbourne.

What is flap reconstruction surgery?

Typically Melbourne flap reconstruction surgery is a method of reconstructing a breast after having mastectomy surgery (breast cancer removal surgery). Tissue flap surgeries are performed by taking tissue from other parts of your body such as your back, abdomen, inner thigh or other designated area to bring to the chest area for replacing breast tissue and forming new breasts.

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As with any surgery there are many variables to consider when opting to have this kind of breast reconstruction surgery. This type of surgery is usually preferred to other types of breast reconstruction, like implant based surgery, as the results can be a lot more natural and the procedure is less-invasive.

What are other types of breast cancer surgery that do not involve a flap?

Some women might opt for a free flap surgery reconstruction, a flap reconstruction surgery that includes implants as well. Or simply to have a full reconstruction with implants.

Limitations and downsides of flap reconstruction surgery?

While breast flap reconstruction surgery can be a great option for a natural looking breast reconstruction that evolves and changes with the natural fluctuations in your body, there are complications and down sides to consider as well.

Some of these complications include:

  • That the surgery could take longer and have potentially more go wrong than with other types of surgery. These also can have a longer downtime for recovery.
  • There is more scarring than other surgeries with flap reconstruction surgery. They leave main scars from the site on the body where the tissue was taken from and also from the actual reconstruction site where the reconstruction occurs
  • The tissue removal site can cause issues later on after recovery as the removal of the tissue can weaken the area and cause things like hernias to form later on
  • Some women who have underlying conditions might have problems with flap surgery as the success of this kind of surgery relies heavily on the circulation and blood supply to successfully have the tissue heal. This means that women with underlying health conditions like diabetes or women who smoke might have difficulty with this surgery

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