Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery is to fix overgrown or enlarged breast tissue in the chest area. This overgrowth can occur during hormonal changes, with weight gain or as a side-effect of some drug use. Continued steroid use, hormonal conditions and weight gain in particular, can result in the breast tissue returning after a male breast surgery.

male breast reduction

Enlarged breasts in men can have a serious impact on mental health and self image. So many consider male breast reduction in Melbourne to minimise the appearance.

Male breast reduction in Melbourne can be a very beneficial thing, but since these results are permanent, it is important to consider the implications of having a male breast reduction first.

Alternatives to consider before booking your Male breast reduction surgery in Melbourne.

Diet and exercise

Fatty tissue around the breast area can also be reduced by adopting a healthy diet and by part-taking in regular exercise. Try a type of exercise that is pleasurable and incorporates more lower-calorie whole foods into your meals.


Male breast reductions involve making an incision. Dr Nicole Yap specialises in delicate single incisions that work well to hide scarring that can result from surgery. It is important to consider the aesthetic implications of male breast surgery beforehand to ensure that you are making the right choice for yourself.

Pre-Existing conditions

Ensure you talk to your doctor or surgeon for the appropriate pre-screening before having a male breast reduction surgery.