Man Boob Surgery

What are Man Boobs and how can surgery help?

Male breasts or ‘man boobs’ are the culmination of excess tissue, causing pecs to appear as ‘man boobs’. This condition is known by the medical term of Gynecomastia, and men who go through this can experience severe self-esteem and self-image issues.

man boob removal


Why do some men seek man boob surgery?

  • To improve their self esteem and confidence, and to feel more comfortable in clothing
  • Because of their desire to appear masculine, while the existence of man boobs can make them feel feminine
  • To remove excess skin and tissue that can remain after weight loss

What are some natural causes of man boobs?

Infancy: many babies are born with enlarged breast tissue, because of their mother’s estrogen. This naturally corrects itself with age. Going through later stages of physical development including puberty and old age can also be causes of breast tissue.

Other causes of man boobs?

  • Hormones
  • Obesity
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Certain kinds of cancers
  • Kidney or liver issues
  • Drugs such as steroids of antidepressants, antibiotics and other medication that can block the production of testosterone
  • Excessive drinking some herbal supplements

Man boob management and correction.

In the case of man boobs caused by obesity, eating a diet rich in whole foods and partaking in daily exercise may reduce the appearance of man boobs without surgery. Weight and resistance training can help to build the muscle surrounding the breast area that will in turn lower the fat tissue present. Cardio exercise in addition to this can also help lower body fat overall, which will also reduce the appearance of man boobs.

Man boob surgery in Melbourne can be an effective way to remove the glandular and fat tissue in men and is sometimes performed as a reconstruction at the same time. Surgery can be good to fix man boobs that can not be treated with diet and exercise or with the management of associated conditions. But it is still best to have a full assessment with a doctor prior to surgery to rule out underlying conditions that can harm the effectiveness of surgery and may return later if not managed/ treated.