Pedaling for Progress: Conquering Cancer Through Unity

22 February 2023

As I propel forward on my bike, a rush of determination surges within me. The cyclists ahead seem like a distant challenge – a challenge not to outrun our riding companions, but to outpace a far more formidable opponent: cancer itself.

Every pedal stroke becomes a testament to our shared resolve. It’s not merely a race; it’s a crusade against a relentless adversary. The finish line represents more than a conclusion; it symbolizes hope, progress, and the promise of triumph.

Amidst the physical exertion, a call echoes – a call to rally behind a noble cause. The Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute’s research team stands on the frontlines, tirelessly working towards advancements in the treatment of aggressive triple negative cancer. Their dedication extends to those grappling with cancer during pregnancy, offering hope for innovative solutions.

We invite you to contribute generously to this pursuit of progress. Your support is the catalyst for breakthroughs, a beacon of hope for those affected by cancer.

A heartfelt note of gratitude goes out to the individuals whose generosity has been pivotal in reaching my fundraising target. Through their generous donations via my site, they’ve become partners in this important mission. Their names deserve recognition:

  • Belinda Visser
  • Eye Life
  • Karen Oboyle
  • Steve Hassett
  • Lauren Moca Holloway
  • Veronica Meier
  • Rosa Demetrios
  • Sue Cain
  • Brendan McNally
  • Margaret Patterson

Together, we ride not only for ourselves but for the countless lives touched by cancer. United in purpose, we cycle towards a brighter, cancer-free future.

Pic: me competing at Ballarat Cycle Classic 2023

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