Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction

How a plastic surgery breast reconstruction works

Typically there can be two different types of breast reconstruction plastic surgery: surgery that involves a breast implant or one that is performed and executed by retaining and reconstructing a flap of skin.

Post operative bilateral skin sparing nipple-areolar sparing mastectomies and two-stage prosthetic based reconstruction

Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction Melbourne

Breast reconstruction is a very personalised procedure and therefore may differ vastly between plastic surgery patients, depending on their circumstances and preferences. Practitioners of plastic surgery breast reconstruction in Melbourne will always oversee a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s needs and outcomes to ensure that each and every risk and consideration is communicated before surgery.

With any surgery there are many risks involved, and breast surgery in particular is considered major so patients should expect significant recovery time post-op.

Outlined below are the two most common types of breast reconstruction.

Implant Based Reconstruction

Relies on the implant to make the shape of the breast.

After breast cancer removal surgery the tissue that was removed can be replaced and reshaped with a breast implant based reconstruction. The implant itself is a shallow balloon made from silicone, and can be placed inside the breast either on top of or underneath the chest muscle. This is the most common type of breast reconstruction surgery.

Flap-based reconstruction also known as ‘autologous’ surgery

In Melbourne another type of plastic surgery breast reconstruction involves taking tissue from a different part of the body for use in reconstructing the breast. The tissue is then fed through under the skin to form a new shape of the breast, which can come from a nearby area (attached flap surgery) or from another area which is called (free flap procedure). Melbourne plastic surgery breast reconstruction practitioners usually know how to perform either of these procedures, although implant based surgery is the most common method.