Post Mastectomy Reconstruction

Post Mastectomy Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the breast can either be IMMEDIATE or DELAYED. 


Immediate reconstruction enables saving of the nipple-areolar complex compared to delayed, It has been shown to offer considerable psychological benefit to the patient.

The types of reconstruction may be prosthetic (silicone gel), autologous (vascularised tissue from other parts of the body, autologous fat grafting (liposuction of different parts of the body and then grafting the fat into the area requiring reconstruction. 

The reconstruction technique may be single stage (1 operation), or 2 stage (two operations). This will depend on patient preference and the ability for autologous reconstruction if so wishes. 

Single stage can be performed with either a prosthesis or autologous tissue. The patient has no input into the size and shape of the breast, and generally it will be similar to the original. Single stage can only be performed as an immediate reconstruction. 


Delayed reconstruction can be performed using a prosthesis or autologous tissue. 

A two stage procedure will be necessary for reconstruction with a prosthesis as the skin and underlying muscle will need to be expanded. 

Autologous tissue will bring with it overlying skin which will replace the breast skin which was removed during the mastectomy. 

Delayed reconstruction offers less potential complications which allows for more opportune timing for chemotherapy when required. 

The patient has more time to decide on the type of reconstruction, as well as management of the unaffected breast. The unaffected breast may not be symmetrical after the affected breast is treated. In such circumstances, the options can involve breast augmentation/reduction, breast lift or risk reduction surgery. 

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