Take Control of Your Health: Assess Your Breast Cancer Risk with GeneType

9 November 2022

Aspiring women who seek to shape life on their terms understand the significance of taking control of their well-being. Today, we present an opportunity that aligns with this empowering journey – the chance to assess your breast cancer risk and pave a path to informed living.

The Australian Breast Care Centre (ABCC) proudly introduces its latest collaborator, GeneType Genetic Technologies. As a trailblazer in genetic risk assessment on a global scale, GeneType brings innovation that transforms health management. By offering comprehensive integrated risk testing, including breast cancer evaluation, GeneType empowers individuals to craft personalized preventive health strategies.

GeneType’s breakthrough services lay the foundation for tailored health care, ensuring individuals can navigate the complex landscape of their well-being. ABCC, a fervent advocate of prevention and early detection, acknowledges that these strategies are the essence of life-saving actions.

The significance of tailored care cannot be overstated, especially in addressing the needs of the 1 in 7 women who may encounter breast cancer. ABCC’s mission is rooted in enabling these women to forge enduring, purposeful lives through informed choices.

Take the first step towards understanding your breast cancer risk. For more insights, explore GeneType’s breast cancer predictive test.

As part of ABCC’s ongoing fundraising drive, we are elated to present an exclusive chance. We’re granting 10 lucky winners the opportunity to undergo a GeneType test, inclusive of an expert consultation with Dr. Nicole Yap – a treasure trove valued at $549 each. But that’s not all. Your participation enters you into the race to win captivating prizes, collectively valued at over $10,000.

Time is of the essence. Seize this moment to embark on a proactive journey of health empowerment. Join hands with us in sculpting a positive impact on lives.

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