‘Two of my friends got breast cancer in their thirties. Here’s why young women are more at risk according to Breast Cancer Trials’

26 July 2022

Reading this recent article in @bodyandsoul_au about women under the age of 40 being most at risk of developing aggressive breast cancer –
while 40 may seem ‘too young’ to die from breast cancer, it is unfortunately not uncommon.

This is Emily after her final treatments, officially cancer-free.

“23% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are under 50 years.”

Unfortunately, in younger age groups (< 50 years) breast cancer is aggressive, however symptoms are not always prioritised by primary health care providers or the general population. This leads to late detection and higher mortality rates.Early diagnosis is key to survival and women should seek advice early when concerned about symptoms.


My not for profit charity foundation, Australian Breast Care Centre (ABCC) mission is to increase awareness to enable early detection of breast symptoms, improve access to MRI and genetic testing, as well as improving aesthetic outcomes in breast cancer surgery for positive mental health – especially in younger age groups (<50).

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Read the full article here: https://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/health/two-of-my-friends-got-breast-cancer-in-their-thirties-heres-why-young-women-are-more-at-risk-according-to-breast-cancer-trials/news-story/50aad64940f91b7d71cae0b4334ef13b

Image: Shona Hendley Source:BodyAndSoul