Endocrine Surgery Melbourne

Understanding Endocrine Surgery

What is endocrine surgery?

Endocrine surgery is a type of surgery that is used to treat diseases of the Endocrine System. This system includes the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, and all of these areas of the body are glands that secrete hormones into our systems, impacting several bodily functions.

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Surgeons who perform endocrine surgery in Melbourne are trained specifically to operate on these systems and diseases that occur there. As there are a number of different endocrine glands, there will usually be a different type of surgeon for each area. For example the pituitary gland is located in the brain and will therefore be operated on by Neurosurgeons. The ovaries and testicals, which release sexual hormones like estrogen and testosterone, are operated on by Gynecologists and Urologists. And thyroid, and adrenal glands are treated by Oncologists.

Melbourne Endocrine surgeries involve Doctors and surgeons whol work directly with Endocrinologists to treat diseases of the endocrine system.

What does endocrine surgery treat?

Common diseases of the endocrine system include:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Addison’s disease, which affects the adrenals
  • Cushing’s syndrome (related to stress)
  • Graves disease
  • And types of cancer

Risks and considerations of Endocrine Surgery

As with any type of surgery there can be risks and complications that can occur when undergoing endocrine surgery. Knowing that you are in good hands by thoroughly checking your surgeon’s credentials, previous patients and practicing history, will ensure that you have sought the best person for the job and for your situation.

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