Unveiling Genetic Insights: My Interview on 7news and the Power of GeneType

9 December 2022

Little did I know the vast viewership that the 7news channel commands! The overwhelming response to my recent interview on the GeneType feature, which graced the airwaves earlier this week, took me by surprise. And now, I’m thrilled to extend the conversation to all of you…

Australia’s pioneering leap into the realm of breast cancer risk assessment comes in the form of GeneType. As one of the cherished Australian Breast Care Centre ambassadors, I’m delighted to embrace this cutting-edge technology. It’s a potent tool that transcends the confines of known family history, painting a comprehensive picture of each individual’s breast cancer risk.

GeneType revolutionizes risk assessment, weaving the threads of world-leading genetic technology, breast density evaluation, and family history analysis into a seamless whole. The result is a profound understanding of a person’s lifelong breast cancer risk, transcending mere family lineage.

In the pursuit of a healthier life, early diagnosis is paramount. GeneType empowers me to tailor breast management strategies to each individual, ensuring that they embark on a journey of well-being. For every life, this tool serves as a compass guiding towards personalized, optimal care.

For an in-depth exploration into the realm of breast care and the transformative power of GeneType, I invite you to explore our domains:


Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Australia 

Thank you to our Australian Breast Care Centre charity ambassador GeneType for including me in this important news feature.